Would your business benefit from an access control system?

The purpose of an access control system is to enhance the security of a building by regulating and monitoring access at each door.  Access control systems can be audio-, video- or card based.

Audio- and video-based access control systems still require manual intervention.  A visitor is granted or denied access to the building after identifying themselves via a door entry panel.  This type of access control system is typically used for regulating building access to people who are guests or suppliers of a company.

To regulate employee building access on a day-to-day basis, a card-based access control system is far more effective and efficient.  Access can be controlled on an individual basis – conditions can be set per card with restrictions on access times and access areas depending on the access needs and security levels.  The options are endless but you can imagine how the access needs of employees in public sector organisations such as schools, hospitals and prison for example, as well as private sector organisations, would vary considerably and are crucial to protect people, information and equipment.

Access conditions can also be applied to each door – for example, a reception door may allow unrestricted access between 9:00am – 5:00pm, but is controlled by a video or audio entry system at all other times. Access can also be granted across multiple sites.

With advances in chip technology, access control cards can now do much more than access control! They can enable you to not only control physical access to facilities, restricted areas and parking areas, for example,  and to monitor time and attendance of employees, but these cards can also be used for cashless transactions at onsite cafeterias and vending machines or to gain access to computer networks.

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