Mobotix Q24 CCTV Camera

There are not many security products that you should get excited about but the Mobotix range of CCTV camera’s are something special. You can view four CCTV demo clips of the Q24 below. This is one incredible camera ! The savings you can make from this CCTV camera are remarkable. A Digital video recorder (DVR) is not required as all the software is built into the camera, Plus you have a  4 GB MicroSD Card Included, which you can upgrade to 32 GB. You also have the MX easy or MX control centre software free and no licence agreements.

The full image from a hemispheric lens  is difficult to analyze. MOBOTIX solves this problem by straightening the uneven lines from the camera software already perfectly in the live image. Since the image distortion correction of the hemispheric view and the generating of the panoramic view take place in the camera itself, no additional load is placed on the viewer PC compared to a standard camera. Thus, displaying a large number of panoramic cameras simultaneously on a single PC is possible.

The Q24 also zooms in on detail. The image of the Hemispheric camera can be corrected and continuously enlarged and any image section examined using a joystick, for example. Thus you have a mechanical PTZ-camera without maintenance or wear and tear. While zooming into a section in the live image, a full image can be stored in the recording for later analysis. No PTZ-camera in the world that operates with a motor can do that!

Together with the 180° panorama the Q24 can deliver two more views simultaneously, making it possible to see the overview and to focus on two scenes at the same time.

The surround function of the Q24 (ceiling mounted) immediately replaces four conventional cameras and shows four different directions simultaneously in quad view on a monitor. Virtual PTZ is available for each of the four views.


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